Cook of the day:

The items below are to be purchased one business day before pick-up or delivery, if purchased online.  If you do not purchase in advance, we cannot guarantee a portion will be available for you.  Please note: If you do not have the opportunity to pick-up your order on the next day, your order will remain in our fridges for pick-up at your earliest convenience, or we will call you the following day.

From the Smoker:

We use a commercial, temperature-regulated smoker to add beautiful aromas to the food as it cooks low and slow.   All meats are cooked (with Love) to safe temperatures in a smokey loving environment.  Meats turn-out lightly smoked but cooked to ‘well-done’ safety standards.  We test to be sure for your safety using temperature probes.

Lovingly cooked in a smokey environment is the key.  Our smoke-process does not make the smokiness over-powering.  The meat and the added flavourings are still the star of the show.

All of our meat is cooked low and slow in our Southern Pride Smoker and turns out a juicy, flavourful, lightly smoked final product. We use a commercial blast-chiller and a vacuum-packer to lock in the flavours and juices,  giving our products a healthy 4-5 day shelf life (before being enjoyed).

Grab and Go Cooler: 

We try to keep the Grab and Go Cooler stocked with items so you can stop-in and grab something healthy on the fly.  We keep a stock of fresh salads [Ceasar, Road Salad, Beet Slaw, and Corn Salad], pulled-pork (that you can Sauce with our Cumberland Blueberry Barbeque Sauce or Traditional Barbeque), Smoked Pork Stew, or Chilli, ($8 for a two-person portion) Baked Beans ($8 for a two-person portion), Creamy Mac and Cheese ($8 for a two-person portion), and we’re now carrying bone broth ($10/750mL Beef, Chicken, and Pork).  We store ‘a few extra’ portions of vacuum-packed pre-cooked meats and sides in the Grab and Go too.  The idea is that you can stop in, grab a healthy meal for ½ dozen people, and carry on home – without going to the grocery store J.  Some people say ‘ I never have to cook, again’.  It’s chef-quality food that you can reheat at home.