Wow.  This is popular! Since opening, we’ve been trying to find a way for Simple, Honest, Delicious, Food to be convenient and cost-effective for you.  We have been selling large and small combos since we opened.  Now that we have built trust, it seems, when we posted our meal combo deal (3 small/$25 and 3 large/$35), we broke Facebook.

            People ordered in comments, in private messages to me, in private messages to the business… Mayhem!  Questions: How much, when do I pick up, what are the options, what if I wanted a small?  Private messages, Business messages, Emails…  It was really hard to follow.

            So, to make it convenient for you we created this temporary order sheet.  It’s temporary because we will soon have it on our website using drop-downs.  That way we can easily organize your orders, offer easier payment options, and track your orders IN ORDER TO offer you better discounts and options as subscribers.

            Not all of our options can be available all the time because we want to continue to offer the freshest options available.  That means using small ‘batches’ of each option, to make it perfectly and consistently, to deliver on our promise.

            Orders are made via email (Combos@Smokedmeat.CO  Yes, dot CO) and confirmed by payment.  We are flexible about pick-up times because the goal is to make this convenient for you.  There are no ‘Have-To’s in our world.  We’re open M-F 9:30-7:30 and Saturday 9:00-6:30.  You can pick up anytime we’re open.  If you need to pick up before or after those time, you can just send us a private message and we’ll work out another time that’s convenient for you.

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