Above Average Products for Above Average People

By March 14, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Above Average Products for Above-Average People

            As I was making Ribs this morning (It’s a long process to slow-cook ribs in the smoker), I was listening to a business leader that I really Like (Seth Godin) and I want to be sure that we’re honest and clear with you.

            We make excellent products for a very specific group of people.  You’re one of them.  Here is our market:  People who like to Eat above-average quality food in (passing through, based out of, close to) Amherst Nova Scotia, who like variety and appreciate quality.

            We’re not for everyone.  We know that.  We don’t want to be everywhere.  We want to be here, for you and your friends.  That’s enough.  That is a sustainable business that will allow us to continue to do the thing that we like.  We don’t have to shout at people.  We don’t have to compete with MacDonalds.  We just work hard, for you.

            When we opened the business, we were tired of ‘the same old’ and un-healthy options, and being marketed AT.  By that I mean corporations yelling At us, someone trying to convince us to settle, we were told (by corporations) we were too demanding because we wanted ‘better’ (Better selection, Better quality, Better service).  We thought there might be other people who were in the same boat.

A note on Seth Godin:  His Podcast is called Akimbo, but if you google him or search for him on youtube, he’s easy to find.  His approach is to do impressive work for the people you want to impress.  If you’re successful, they will tell their friends.

Please, if you like our products and our service, tell your friends.

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