Add a Microwave?

By February 23, 2020 Fresh Ideas

The Microwave:

Another Fantastic Suggestion:  The microwave.  We don’t have a microwave in our kitchen because there is a potential to ruin perfectly good food with the microwave.  We’ve given out heating instructions to ‘heat in a pan’, but let’s be serious for a second:  A lot of our meal combos get microwaved and they’re still fantastic.

Great suggestion. We’re thinking a microwave may be helpful to you.

So, what we’re thinking is that we’ll buy a microwave and put it in our customer service area.  Customers can buy the combos (cold) and microwave it themselves in our microwave.  I know it seems strange, but, for tax-reasons, it’s important that we’re selling a cold meal combo.  That’s how we can sell a full meal-combo for $12.50 taxes included.  It’s considered a grocery.  The problem with microwaves is that they only heat the water-component of your food.  In many cases the ‘active water’ can be evaporated in the microwaving process, leaving foods dry when they should be moist, such as Mac and Cheese.  The way we’ll get around that will be to experiment with an ‘extra sauce’ option.  The item will be microwaved with a side-sauce, and then the side-sauce mixed-in by the customer.  That way the food items will be hot and not lose flavour or moisture due to the microwaving process.  Thoughts?

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