Amazon Doesn’t Need You!

By November 22, 2020 Fresh Ideas

But your local small business does.

            Any company that has a drive-through in this town (with the exception of Mike’s Drive-Through) doesn’t care about you.  Their doors are not going to close due to COVID-19, or ever.  They’ll be fine.  The mark-up on their products is incredible and they pay their staff minimum wage. Your money, for the most part, leaves the country let alone the town.  They don’t need you today to survive like your local economy does.  Other, less informed/less considerate people will keep them afloat.  They will survive just fine without you. But, we need you now more than ever.

            For the sake of your community, please put a halt to the idea that fast-food is the “only alternative” to cooking for yourself.  It is not.  Our community has a fantastic range of foods available: ‘North American-style ‘Chinese’’, authentic Chinese, Lebanese, ‘Italian’, Korean, Jamaican, Greek-influenced (‘donairs’), (Deli) Soup/Salad/Sandwich/Quiche, hand-made burgers/home-made fries, Rustic Foods (that may be us?), BBQ, pizza, bakeries, café’s, fish’n chip places… to name a few styles.  I’ll put us into ‘rustic foods made in a smoker’, if we need to be in a category.

These are not franchises where the ‘local owner’ takes home part of the profits.  They are ‘Mom and Pop’ businesses that started in order to serve you.  They need you.  These are examples of businesses owned and operated by local owners who buy from local producers, who source from local grocery stores or local warehouses, who spend their money, in turn locally, on the items they need to build and support their businesses.  It can be a beautiful circle.  You invest in us, we spend money locally to grow the business and make money move in our economy, the business grows, we serve you better.  Win-Win.  Right now, your local economy needs you more than ever.  Please consider the destination for your hard-earned money when you make purchases.

Amazon doesn’t need you.  It’s a great example.  Do you want Amazon to make a few dollars off you to ‘stay afloat’ this coming year?  Do you want your locally owned small business to exist when Covid-19 is over?  When you make your Christmas purchases this year, please consider if there is a local alternative to the exact item you want.  If it comes from a chain-store, please think about whether or not they need you to make that purchase.  Is there a local business that needs your business to survive?  Maybe you could go buy something they have (in stock or could order) so that they can ‘stay afloat’. 

It usually costs more to be small.  Our food cost, for example (because of quality standards and purchase quantity) is higher than drive-through food.  The food is not the same.  It’s barely similar.  Clothing is another business where ‘the same thing is available on Amazon, for cheaper’, but in making that purchase we are killing our local economy.  The price is higher because the small business pays more for the product due to purchase-order size.  I hear it all the time: ‘Only one pallet? (example: packaging) – the price is basically retail.’

Do you want to have the range of stores that we do?  Your local economy (OUR COMMUNITY) needs you now more than ever, to delay the purchase of the thing that you want, in order to improve the likelihood that your local economic drivers (small business) survives.  We (D&E’s) cannot survive without you. This is not a drill.

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