Bottled Salad Dressings and BBQ Sauces?

By November 27, 2019 Fresh Ideas

I will add a picture soon… promise. Gotta get to the grocery store… 😉

We’ve had this question a lot.  We are classified as a ‘ready to eat meal facility’.  That means we’ve taken measures to have full spatial and temporal separation of hazardous foods (raw meat) from fully cooked or ‘ready to eat’ packaged meals.  We chose this route so that you could eat high-quality food at home or at work or at the hockey game, not pay for a restaurant seating area, serving staff…etc. 

So; we’re technically allowed to sell our sauces and dressings from our location.  That said, packaging is expensive and takes up a lot of room.  Sauces are expensive to make (using high-quality ingredients) and we can’t afford to sit on inventory.  So; although there is a demand occasionally, we can’t make the sauce, buy the jars, package and then store full containers.  This might be an item we can make to order (prepaid) once per month.  Maybe we could try that for Christmas?  What do you think?  Would you pre-order a 500ml Mason Jar of our popular Barbeque Sauces or Salad dressings? 

Commercializing our products?

Going ‘Commercial’ or using second-party sales:  ‘You should be selling that stuff at Sobeys.’  Why, thank you.  It’s quite a process to do that.  We invited a food-safety specialist to our facility and, while he thought we have a great facility for ‘ready to eat’, when a company ‘goes commercial’ they want to see traced lot numbers for all the ingredients that go into each batch, and then batch numbers for every lot we produce, use of preservatives, and ‘expiry dates’.  The sterilizing and packaging end of the process would require us to do that side of the business in a separate building that can be (literally) pressure washed with bleach every time we use it.  Basically, we can either sell from our location and suggest consumption ‘within a couple weeks’ or we can invest A LOT of money and compete with the big barbeque companies and salad dressing producers.  That’s why we aren’t in secondary sales.

No-one would read that on Facebook.  That’s why we created this sounding board.  You’re here because you want to know…  Thank you for reading.

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