Brisket-on-a-Bun with Bread and Butter Relish

By October 1, 2020 Fresh Ideas

            We’ve been using some of our products to show you what you can make at home.  For example, you ‘can’ make our Brisket-Mushroom Soup at home, or a stir-fry with our lovely smoked meats in them.  That’s really the idea:  You have our products available to you as a part of your meal that you can make on your own.

            We’re going to start focussing on dishes that use our products in a dish that you might normally make, and show you how easy it is to incorporate our products into your normal menu.  For example:  Maybe you make ‘Beef Stroganoff’ or ‘Stir-Fry’ often at your house.  The meat component of these dishes in important and they require pre-cooking before being put in the final disk.  We’ve got that covered.  Maybe you make a sausage soup, or ‘bangers and mash’, or jambalaya.  We’ve got you covered for that too.  Maybe you’re lucky enough to have friends or family that ‘drop in’ and stay for supper.  We’ve got you covered for that too, since vacuum-packed foods have a long shelf-life and freeze well.  If you’re a foodie and you don’t have time for the meat-preparation part of the meal, we’ve got you covered.

            Essentially, we believe a customer is buying time, and getting a little help to step their meal up a notch, but you can do it!  We take care of the meats and make sure your meal is bursting with flavour.  We’re going to start creating posts that show you how we use our products (the basis of our business) to make meals (an important part of your life) easier for you.

The Brisket on a bun with Bread and Butter Relish is a metaphor.  We make the Relish, and the Brisket (Or Sausage or Chicken, or Pork Tenderloin).  The assembly part, how many you would like to make, what kinds of buns (etc) is up to you, but we’re gonna help.  Stay tuned.

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