Burrito Bowls!

By March 11, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Burrito Bowls!

         By popular suggestion, we’ve been making Burrito Bowls.  When we asked for suggestions as to ‘where to go’ next, we weren’t expecting that one.  A few clicks on google later, we saw burrito bowl meal-prep, FRESH! FRESH! ingredients, quick and easy Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, and we were sold. 

These fine meals, which are quite filling, match our food style well with strong fresh flavours, healthy veg, and featuring a fine smoked meat.  For now, we’re featuring ‘Southwest Chicken’ and Beef Tenderloin.  But, that got me thinking…

         Are we getting too far from ‘our style’?  What is our ‘style’?  We quickly reviewed our mission:

D&E’s Premium Smoked Meats is about making Simple, Honest, Delicious Food that makes eating healthy convenient and delicious for our customers, at a reasonable price.

 We ARE going to mix it up, keep the ideas fresh, and continue to be responsive.  All of our creations include freshly prepared vegetables and a premium smoked meat.  We don’t buy pre-made anything, and it shows in our food quality.

         We had someone suggest that our ‘identity’ is confusing because we make soup, regular sandwiches, open-faced sandwiches, many different salads, cooked side-veg, [meal-prep-style] combos, stir-fry’s, beans, and bacon.  Yes.  Our ‘style’ is not a niche-market food.  Our style is convenient and healthy for our customers, usually featuring a delicious smoked meat.  We think that’s enough of a box to put around us, if there has to be one. 

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