Car-Service Starting Again, November 22, 2020

By November 22, 2020 Fresh Ideas

            Due to increasing numbers of Covid-19 Infections, we are now going to wear our own masks in the shop all day and encourage service in people’s cars (by running a menu out to you) if possible.  We are also happy to run the debit machine (with your order) out to you.  Our customer service area requires the use of masks and we must only have one customer at a time until further notice.  We will continue to sanitize all services between customers.  We offer debit or credit-card service at the door (at home or at your car) and we will deliver for free.  Given that this is a developing issue, we may have to set up delivery routes, but if that is what it takes to limit the spread of this infection, then that is what we’re going to do for you.

            This is obviously a precautionary step but we ALL MUST do everything we can to limit the spread of COVID-19.  We wish this inconvenience (at the shop) did not exist, but we will adjust by making it easier for you to order at home.  If you’re receiving this, you have our menu or you know you can locate it online.  HTTPS://Smokedmeat.CoWe will gladly deliver, for free, with all the protocols followed.  If we have so much more business that we need to hire a driver, then YOU have created another job.

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