Why The Shut Down? Commercialization! (Part II)

By October 18, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Why the shut-down (Commercialization) PART II

                  In case you didn’t read part one: We are in a planned shut-down as we speak.  As one wise customer put it: ‘sometimes you see what works and what doesn’t.’  Well, isn’t that the truth?  This is Part Two.  We have had a lot of products on our menu that are very popular.  Being responsive to you, our customers who support us, is our pledge.  In order to serve you better, we want to make our products available in more locations so you can pick it up more conveniently.


                  I have never had bacon like ours.  It is very flavourful; the water has been cooked out of it (so it doesn’t shrink) and the flavour is intense.  The bacon did well at farmers markets and in the shop.  We are pursuing ‘analysis’ of our bacon in order to have a proper ‘shelf-life’ estimate, in order to put it on store shelves.  We don’t have any selected partners yet, but we are looking for stores that would make things convenient for you.  Your suggestions would be welcome.

Brisket, Chicken Breast, Sausages and Pulled-Pork:

                  These are our most popular products.  Everything is fully cooked, as you know, it’s visually appealing, and it is very high quality.  We think that since there are no preservatives and everything is gluten-free, we should get a proper shelf-life calculation from the professional food lab and start selling these products at various locations.  Once the calculation is complete, we could sell these products at other stores.

We were really surprised at how many products are sold through Gordon Food Service and Sysco (Major restaurant suppliers) that are pre-cooked!  Not just seasoned, but pre-cooked.  Imagine being able to get D&E’s Premium Smoked Brisket, Chicken, Sausage and Pulled Pork at country stores outside of Amherst, or at other restaurants! 


                  We don’t have a significant mark-up on our products, so we’re not sure how this will work.  But, imagine our brisket as a fresh-sliced deli meat, or a restaurant having brisket on the menu without having to do the 16 hours of work, or being able to pick up gluten-free sausages made with high-quality pork ALL THE TIME at locations across Nova Scotia.

                  Gluten-Free real healthy food is not a fad.  We believe people understand that nutrient-poor food is the cause of obesity, cancer, diabetes, and many others I’m sure.  If we eat nutrient-poor food, we are hungry, again, shortly afterward.  Fast food and deep-fried food are the best examples of this.  We eat until we are full and then we’re hungry in two hours (or less).  That’s why.  There are no nutrients in the food.  Preservatives interrupt the digestion process and, again, the good parts of the food is not absorbed.

                  So, once tested, we hope to be able to provide these products more broadly in country stores and potentially grocery stores. 


                  Blueberry BBQ Sauce – We live near the Wild Blueberry Capital of Canada.  This is a significant natural gift and we feel that we should be front and centre to use and promote our regional flavours.  So, we are working with experts to release a commercial version of our Wild Blueberry Barbeque Sauce.  Watch for this.  In the meantime, we will be selling it in jars from our kitchen. J

Vanilla-Lime Dressing – Make your salads taste like Dessert!  We have a lot of customers who love our Vanilla-lime dressing (Summer Dream and Magic Salads).  We use the best ingredients we can (fresh lime juice, local honey, and pure vanilla extract) to make a preservative-free high-quality salad dressing.  We think it will be convenient for our supporters to enjoy our flavours without having to pick up salads here.  If you’ve tried it, you probably wished you had some of the dressing in your fridge the next day.  Let’s make it easy for you to eat salad!  If there is support, we will go bigger with this!  Until then, the dressing will be available in our fridge, in jars or small bottles. J

Caesar Dressing – Our super-creamy Caesar dressing is well-known and highly recommended.  It is made from scratch here in our kitchen with fresh parmesan, garlic, oil, egg, Worchester, salt, and pepper.  What if we sold bottles of it?  We are having the recipe tested for refrigerated shelf-life so that we can offer it for sale in our fridge.  Depending on the lab-recommendations, we may commercialize this sauce as well.

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  • Jennifer Furlong says:

    I would love to be able to buy your products, especially bacon, dressings, and sauces. SFL Market would be a great location (at least for me anyway since I work downtown. lol).
    I’d also like to see nutrition information labels with grams of protein, fat, carbs, sugar, fiber, etc. on the packaging.

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