Cooking with the Kiddos

By February 15, 2020 Fresh Ideas

We think it’s a great idea to start kids off with a healthy respect for food.  Full-flavoured, preservative-free, real food.  We know it’s difficult to cook with kids, sometimes, because it can take a long time and require an organized step-wise approach.  The time-gap between cutting the vegetables and having the full-meal also takes away the connection between the ‘cooking’ and the eating.  E.g.: ‘Let’s put this on to marinade a couple hours kiddo.’  I’m no fun!

We hear things like ‘I can never get the protein right’ or ‘I want to make supper with the kiddos but it takes so long’, and ‘they don’t have the attention span…’ We’d like to suggest that using our pre-cooked vacuum-packed foods makes ‘cooking’ with the kiddos a lot more fun.  Since everything is fully-cooked to a safe temperature, there can be taste-testing at every stage. 

For example, using a Combo with Garlic-Mashed Potatoes, Pepper-Medley, and a meat (Let’s use chicken, for an example):  The parent can cut up some pieces of cooked chicken, some of the veg, and put some potatoes on a small plate for a couple minutes later (I’ll get back to that), then put the chicken and vegetables in a pan to warm up.  While things are warming you have a chance for a taste-testing session (of safe ready-to-eat food), and then bingo, hot supper is ready.  This is great time spent with the kiddos.

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