Covid-19 Rapid Testing – Gargle Test?

By November 17, 2020 Fresh Ideas

I first heard about ‘Rapid Tests’ through National Public Radio (NPR) on a podcast and they were directing people here ( to learn more, months ago.  They were talking about tests that people take in the morning to find our if they are showing signs of ‘infection’ or ‘contagion’ of anything.  Someone would, for example, take the test, decide they will go to work or school, and follow the protocols.  If the test indicated someone was contagious, they would stay home, call the health authority, get a thorough medical test, and quarantine until they have the results.  The idea is to know when to ‘go about your business’, following appropriate precautions.  It was a decision-making tool.

            Rapid testing (at $1 or less each) was proposed, at that time, to help restart the economy.  To give people a sense of security to go back to our regular lives, a little.  The risk, from the government’s standpoint, is the risk of false negatives or a false sense of security.  The collective ‘sigh of relief’ that we normalize rapid tests would have been a comfort to so many.  If there was anything that could have brought people back to a sense of some normalcy, it would have been rapid testing, in just my opinion.  The opportunity, here, was to introduce the rapid testing as a decision-making tool.  

            Unfortunately the risk of false-security delayed the government approval.  The announcements have the tone of ‘find out quickly’, rather than ‘use this as a tool’.  I JUST wish people’s nerves were more calm.  People seem to be experiencing SO MUCH discomfort.  If we looked at the masks as ‘JUST’ a precaution that we use, after having self-tested (for a dollar, at home), wouldn’t the tone be different?

Approved October14, 2020.

Why Rapid Tests Matter and Why Timing is critical.

Approved November 10, 2020

            I called this post ‘gargle test’ because I just heard the Premier (Stephen MacNeil) talking about gargle tests being used for kids in daycare facilities? 

Liz just asked why I think this is our business.  Here’s my answer:  ‘I just wish the tone would change’.  I think a lot of our customers are still at home self-isolating.  I have several friends with underlying health conditions who have hardly left their home in the last NINE (9) MONTHS.  If it was potentially safer out there, (people self-testing each day before they interact with others) they might be able to carry-on with some aspect of their regular life without being scared.  They are relying on their friends and family for a lot of small supply runs, they have groceries delivered, and they have restaurant ‘food’ delivered.

Isolation, in my own experience, is not natural and it’s not good for me.  If the only input I have is what’s in my head it’s easy to convince myself I am right.  My interpretation of ‘the world’ is the only one I see, and sometimes I’m wrong…  Without someone to ‘check-me’, I can convince myself of many things that aren’t reality. 

I need connection.

            As we go into the holiday season, there is a potential of added stress for people who need to travel, can’t travel, are worried about someone who travels…etc.  Wouldn’t it be nice to lower that stress? Find ways to gather?  Hence the importance of the rapid test.  Our families test at home, get together, and then get up and test the next day.  We don’t share glasses or sneeze in each others’ face on purpose, but if it did happen, at least we’d know that the people surrounding us had a test this morning.  It might make it easier to get together… 

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