Yes, We go to Moncton.  We have a lot of customers from southern New Brunswick. Moncton, Riverview, Dieppe, Salisbury, Sackville, Dorchester, Cape Pele, Bouctouche, Port Elgin, and of course Sackville, to name a few.  I’d love to include all areas in between but it would be a long read.  (Side bar: I took a journey down a geography lesson while writing this.  New Brunswick has a rich geographic history and it’s on Wikipedia J)

            We’ve had many customers who have heard of us through ‘a friend of a friend’ and that’s exactly how we like it.  We don’t have to go find you.  Your friends try our stuff, they tell two friends.  Amazing.  We greatly appreciate ‘word of mouth’.  It is a true endorsement and you are the type of follower we love.  Our vacuum-packed products are ideal for transporting in a cooler.  We are happy to bring you our products on Sundays. 

We buy our back ribs at Costco (Moncton).  We are not big enough to make wholesale purchases.  We pay what you pay, for the most part.  The back ribs from Costco are the best quality we can afford.  That’s what we like to offer our customers.  As I was going through the checkout one day the cashier actually asked me: ‘Have you heard of that smoked meat place in Amherst?’ (I had to confirm that it was us of course [BBQ Food or Smoked Fine Food?], but it was) – That means we’re doing something right.

Going to the next largest centre for our bulk purchases gives us better selection and arguably better product.  Thus, we go to Moncton just about every Sunday.  When Soccer or Futsal is in session we go more often that but for now, you can assume we go every Sunday.  We have, on many occasions brought up product for our customers and met them at a mutually convenient location.  We are usually in the Mountain-Road/Elmwood Drive/St. George Boulevard Area.  If there is something you’d like, feel free to order it online and stipulate in the ‘notes’ section of the purchase that you’d like to pick up in Moncton.  We will call you and arrange pickup.

The E-Commerce portion of this site is secured through Moneris (the same company that supplies our debit machines).  We don’t store (or even see) your information.  All purchases are secured and insured by Moneris Gateway.  Hope this helps J  Thank you for asking.  Keep them coming.

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