Facebook is Throttling out the Positive

By March 19, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Even though we have over 2,800 ‘Followers’, only 60 people have been ‘reached’ by our morning post saying we were just in touch with VON.  We’re close to finding a way to be helpful to seniors.  Now, you’d think that would be a post that would be distributed to ALL of our followers.  We’re even adding web links to facilitate helping YOUR parents.  Well, that would be too positive.

            You know all that ‘valuable information’ you’re seeing about ‘this devastating virus’.  That’s what they want you to see.  Panic is a terrorism tool.  Facebook is screening your ‘news-feed’ to be sure to raise the panic, instead of showing the positive things happening in your community. 

We’ll never know what the true numbers are, but POSITIVE people are posting positive messages about great things going on in the midst of this virus outbreak.  It is real, and there are precaution to be taken, sure.  BUT there are millions of Artists rallying around us and giving us free entertainment, even using facebook.  There are free classes being offered. 

Very importantly, people are at home and connecting with their kids, and OFTEN not on Facebook!  I saw more people out walking yesterday than the typical July day.  I saw kids with parents out in the yard.  And, Five deer walked down the road in front of my house in the daylight for the first time since I’ve been here.  Even the deer are out for a walk!

The point of this message is to, again, thank you for your interest and for participating in our email subscription.  I wanted to write this, here, because the people who follow-us on facebook don’t get to see what we post, when we post it.  They get to see our stuff IF Facebook deems it important to them, AFTER they’ve been bombarded with pictures of ‘no toilet paper’ and ‘the liquor store’s closing’.  Sixty (60) people reached in five hours, out of 2800+.  Think about that.

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