Friday is Ribs and Brisket.

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We’re Closed on Saturdays

Today’s Brisket!!! :

Howdy Folks, we’re cooking Brisket AND Ribs today (Fridays!  It’s a thing!).  You really seem to like our Fresh-out-of-the-Smoker Brisket, and we’re listening to you.  So, Thursday Nights I put on Brisket to have it ready for Friday Lunch.  Friday IS our RIB DAY!, so, of course, we have a dozen racks of ‘fall-off the bone’ Ribs in the Smoker, ready at 2:30.

Since we were at the Pugwash Farmer’s Market most of the summer, and closed the shop to keep costs down on Saturdays, we have evaluated whether or not it makes sense to open Saturdays.  Leading up to summer, it was dead (no customers) on Saturdays.  Covid-19 Isolation and the popularity of cottages were a big influence, understandably.  That said, it was not financially worth it to cook anything or even unlock the doors on Saturdays.

At this time, we’ve been using Saturdays for garden tending, kitchen maintenance, deep cleaning, and a little recreation time.  You can schedule an order for Saturdays if you would like something specific.  Just order online ( and pay online, or come in and pay in advance in the kitchen.  We’re happy to take care of you, we just don’t want to sit here (or, certainly, prepare food) and not have ANY customers.

My motorcycle:  I LOVE to ride motorcycles.  I picked up a used ‘street and trail’ bike a couple months ago and I am looking forward to enjoying some back-country riding this fall in beautiful Cumberland County.  I am feeling my ‘age’ [take that how you like 😉 ]  It makes me feel young to ride, but makes me feel old when I’m sore.  The attached picture shows the state of the bike after my most recent ‘tumble’.  ‘If ya don’t fall, you’re not pushing yourself…’ (Thank God for safety gear).  I’m loving the back roads, the gravel, Tantramar Marsh, the fall colours, and the smell of fresh air.  It’s truly therapeutic and it reminds me how blessed we are in our geography.  Hope you enjoy your weekend, too.  

Today’s Brisket:

Did you know we have a Youtube Channel? Here is an example:

The Brisket-Prep Series of Videos:

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