As you know, we make high quality (preservative and filler-free) sausage every Thursday. You can taste the difference between ours and grocery-store sausages. It’s the Love.

We’ve had a number of requests for Sausage Coils and, more specifically, Honey-Garlic Sausage Coils. We’d like to know if you, our Community Members are interested in a test-batch. We’d like to make 20 lb, in links or coils to test with you for Garlic Content, and Sweetness.

We are partnered with a local Raw Honey producer in order to provide the highest quality home-made product possible. We are very confident we’ve developed the right sweetness and garlic content for our preference, but what do you prefer?

Since you’re signed up as a community member, you can pre-order as little as a pound (about 3 sausages) or up to 5 pounds (coiled or linked) in our checkout area. If there isn’t much interest this will be a one-shot deal and we will only have the sausage available in the shop once (Thursday, November 28, 2019) for sampling and feedback. If you pre-order we will give you 15% off your whole order (including other items you purchase).

We will follow-up with you for feedback and preference, or you can drop a comment here to discuss the product with your community.

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