Generous. That’s the point.

By November 8, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Here you go.  We made this for YOU.  It’s our best work.  We’re proud of it.  If you like delicious, healthy food and you need convenience, you’ll love our products.  They’re made in our own special way.  We have high standards.  It’s not like the other options that are out there.  It’s better.  Our food is for people who can tell the difference, and want to include ‘better’ in their life. 

It’s generous to take the risk, be vulnerable, show you our best work and prepare to be judged.  It’s also a kind gesture: ‘We see you.’ ‘We want to make your life easy.’  ‘We want to help solve your food problems and make it easier for you to eat ‘the good stuff’.  Generous doesn’t mean ‘free’.  We would go out of business.  That’s not generous at all.  We would be sending you back to pizza and pub-food.

Our food tastes better because it’s made from fresh, real ingredients.  It’s cooked perfectly because we hand-test every item with a meat-thermometer.  It makes us feel ‘better’ (than other foods) after we eat it because it doesn’t have any preservatives or chemicals our bodies reject.  Eating our food supports our local economy and that feels better, knowing that money spent in our community stays in our community.  You ‘can’ buy a similar mass-produced item.  But is it better?

We take care and responsibility for ensuring the food is delicious, safe, and unique.  It’s cooked in a smoker.  The recipes maximize flavour and the cooking ensures your product is juicy (not overcooked), and flavourful.

The change we hope to make in the world is for it to be easy for people to eat delicious, high quality food in a convenient way.  That means you don’t have to cook and you barely have to clean.  On the days when it seems delicious healthy food might be unlikely, we are here for you.  You know how the ‘meal-delivery’ businesses offer you beautiful boxes of food to cook, and you have to order several days in advance or several days at a time?  The next step of having food taken care of for you is to have it already cooked, so you just have to warm it up.  That’s what we do.

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