Getting away from Facebook (Part 2)

By March 14, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Getting away from Facebook

            Facebook was a great tool for catching up with people you don’t see in person.  It was tempting to ‘Facebook connect’ with people that we do see periodically in order to follow what each other are ‘up to’ or ‘share’ things of mutual interest.  Then we started businesses and business pages.  And then we started advertising through Facebook and having likes and shares as a popularity contest.  And then paid advertising and sponsored ads kicked in. ugh!

            So, what ended up happening is that Facebook developed an algorithm to ‘show you’ what you want to see.  They looked at your search history (Accepted Cookies), who your friends are, what your friends search and share, and about 5000 other things and then calculated ‘who you are, and what you want to see’.  Creepy.

            Just as a test for yourself, go on one of your 500 ‘friends’ pages that you haven’t been on in a while and look to see what they’ve been posting.  Did it come up on your page?  No?  That’s because you haven’t been on their page in a while, so you must not actually be that interested (says the algorithm).  Now that you’ve gone to said person’s page for the first time in 6 Months (or longer), their posts will start showing up in your feed again, because you’ve shown the algorithm you’re interested.

            In our case, we bought into the game of ‘How many *Followers*?’ – How many people ‘saw’ our note, our special, our ‘announcement’.  We thought that if someone was a ‘Follower’, that we were ‘spreading the word’ to them, effectively, when we posted on our page.  That’s simply not the case.  I found out that people ‘may’ see our posted announcements a day or two later, and in some cases weeks later.  They thought they were ‘following’ us, and so did we.

            The Facebook marketing experts say ‘make sure followers are *engaged* so that the algorithm knows they are interested in seeing your stuff’.  This is the ‘cheap’ way to keep followers.  Create posts that ‘make’ users click ‘like, share, comment’…etc.  OR PAY TO BE IN EVERYONE’S FEED.  The choices, in my opinion, are ‘spend time tricking people into clicking your work’ or PAY FACEBOOK TO SCREAM AT PEOPLE.  The more you pay, the more people see the article, right?  No.  Someone with more money is willing to pay for the spot.  I’m not playing that game.  It’s a losing game, and it’s ruined Facebook.

So this little link (above) was suggested by one of our customers.  I installed it on my computer.  It doesn’t allow you to install on a phone.  The link takes you to a web page that allows you to read about this program called ‘Fluff-Buster’.  It loads as an extension in your web browser.  It allows you to customize what you do and do not see in your Facebook stream.  

Take out sponsored ads, kitten videos, posts that contain specific words (like TRUMP, COVID19…etc). 

I dunno about you, but there are certain themes of posts that ‘I’ve just had enough of’.  The extension filters them out without me having to see them. 

Another kitten video from your great Aunt? Filtered.  Notification that your second cousin likes their neighbours’ post? Filtered.  It’s a gem.  I tried to post it in my Facebook feed and it was a ‘policy violation’. HM.  Thoughts?

So, that’s why we’re trying to get away from Facebook with this tool, (Subscribed email).  You can receive emails when we send them, choose to read our longer articles, or not, go to our website to pick up a deal, or not… you’re the driver.  We’re here to serve, nothing more.

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