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By October 1, 2020 Fresh Ideas

We use a GoPro HERO (2018).  I have been learning about how to take videos in the kitchen and recently started using the GoPro outside.  The new videos I’ve been making include beautiful outdoor scenery.  The GoPro HERO (2018) is a great little camera.  It has all the basic features (touch screen, voice command, several modes…etc).  It was relatively inexpensive and it lets us do cooking videos well enough.

Looking at my recent Fall videos (motorcycling), I realized how washed-out the colors are and how much crisper the imaging can be.  I also found out that because of the way the videos are captured, I can’t improve or modify the colour-contrast, or brighten the imaging.  Apparently, that makes it possible to show you how the world looks to me.

Fall in Cumberland County is in technicolor!  The way the world looks to me is vibrant!  When I’m on the motorcycle the world is aglow.  Have you ever experienced that?  I think that’s why GoPro exists.  I want to share what I see/ how I experience the world with you.  More videos coming soon.

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