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By September 24, 2020 Fresh Ideas

This is the link to get to our current menu (s) :   You’ll see there are three menus 

Our ‘Pamphlet-Menu’ is similar to other small restaurants.  It has our specials by ‘day of the week’, descriptions of our normal sides and salads, and some prices.  We are currently not open on Saturday, so Beef Tenderloin is a special order item.  In fact, for now, we can open Saturday or Sunday if you’d like to pick up something on the weekend.  Simply pre-order and give us a call, please, [(902) 397 4868] during the week to give us a ‘heads-up’ that we have a weekend order.    

The ‘Hospital Menu’ includes directions from the hospital, and gives an overview of our service.  We have had a great relationship with many of the staff at the hospital and many people in town to visit family order from us on a regular basis.  We deliver for free, it’s healthy food and we are available when the Hospital Cafeteria is not.  I will also hazard a guess the food is better and less expensive.  Many Doctors and Nurses work shifts from 7 am to 7 pm.  That is why we stay open until 7:30 pm.  If a health-care professional gets off work after a long shift and wants to eat healthy, we want to be here for them.

The ‘Cater-Menu’ is a starting point in the event you would like help with food for a celebration or a meeting.  Any of our regular items can be ordered for a group-rate (e.g. salad and soup for 20) that includes serving equipment, clean-up …etc.  If it’s not on the cater menu, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  For example: we have a few more vegetarian and soup options that are not ‘listed’, but new things become available (and seasonal) all the time.  Just give us a call and we will do our best.

When people click on our website, it takes them to our ‘purchasing page’ or shop.  This is intended to be as easy as an ‘order APP’ without you having to download the APP. 

The menu (s) page is located on the top-right of the main website landing page.  We want to make online ordering as easy as three clicks, and we’ve succeeded for most of our primary menu.  You can see it at – It’s a secure purchasing website where you can stipulate 1) ‘pay online’, 2) ‘pay when you arrive here’, or 3) ‘pay upon delivery’.  If you have any suggestions for our menus or our website, we would love to hear from you.

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