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Cook of the day:

The items below are lovingly prepared every day.  We do our best to prepare just enough for our customers, but you can help us out by calling us a day in advance to let us know what portion size you want.   Purchasing in advance guarantees you the meal you want and we can have it available for you for pickup.  Please note: If you do not have the opportunity to pick-up your order on the next day, your order will remain in our fridges for pick-up at your earliest convenience, or we will call you the following day.

Pork Monday

Brisket Tuesday

Chicken Wednesday

Sausage Thursday

Pork Rib Friday

Grab and Go Cooler: 

We try to keep the Grab and Go Cooler stocked with items so you can stop-in and grab something healthy on the fly.  We keep a stock of fresh salads [Ceasar, Road Salad, Beet Slaw, and Corn Salad], pulled-pork (that you can Sauce with our Cumberland Blueberry Barbeque Sauce or Traditional Barbeque), Smoked Pork Stew, or Chilli, ($8 for a two-person portion) Baked Beans ($8 for a two-person portion), Creamy Mac and Cheese ($8 for a two-person portion), and we’re now carrying bone broth ($10/750mL Beef, Chicken, and Pork).  We store ‘a few extra’ portions of vacuum-packed pre-cooked meats and sides in the Grab and Go too.  The idea is that you can stop in, grab a healthy meal for ½ dozen people, and carry on home – without going to the grocery store J.  Some people say ‘ I never have to cook, again’.  It’s chef-quality food that you can reheat at home.

Mac & Cheese

Smoked Bacon

Bone Broth


Much, much more...


Caprese Salad

Road Salad

Summer Dream

Prepared Meals and Combos

Beef Tenderloin

Brisket Combo

Pork Combo

Vegetarian Combo

More Coming Soon.