It’s Sausage Day! (Thursday)

By September 17, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Today we made ‘Maple-Sage’ and ‘Cheddar-Jalapeno’ Sausage.

Samples are ALWAYS FREE!

This brings our total variety (today) to four, including ‘Salt&Pepper’ and the familiar ‘Mild Italian’. It’s familiar because it has similar spices to a grocery store mild italian, but the similarity stops there. Ours has tones of Merlot, a much higher quality meat, and Love. Grocery store sausages will never taste the same again. (They taste like sadness and filler)

As you (hopefully) know, we make our sausage from scratch. It’s made with ground pork shoulder, herbs, spices and (in this case – pun intended) Cheddar Cheese. Both of these flavours are very popular. I increased the Maple Syrup content and lowered the pepper (in the Maple-Sage) thanks to customer feedback.

Samples are always FREE. Please come try the product. There is no obligation to buy anything. These cheddar jalapeno sausages (in the picture) give you the flavour of Jalapeno, without the heat (seriously).

We take great pride in quality products, perfectly cooked for you, so it’s easy to eat healthy.

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