Lobster Mac

By March 1, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Lobster Mac!

            We have a lot of Customers asking about our Lobster Mac.  Rightfully So.  It’s quite something.  We figure if a few people are asking than it must be on more people’s minds.  Heck, I dream about it.  So, here’s a ‘heads-up’ for Subscribers.  Lobster Mac will be served Monday, March 2, 2020 for lunch and Supper until It’s gone.  You get inside information, because you care enough to subscribe.  We will not advertise this on Facebook, but please tell your friends, and let them know you get the inside track because you subscribe.

We start with a traditional Lobster Stock, and use that to build the Béchamel* for our Cheese Sauce.  I am making a video (well, several) of that process.  Check it out (Youtube D&E’s Smoked Meats).  As with any ‘stock’, close attention early-on and then ‘patience’ are required.  We will use this stock with our other ‘regular’ Mac and Cheese ingredients to make the Lobster-Mac Sauce.  At the last second, we will add the lobster meat and noodles so that they are cooked perfectly for you.

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