Local Donair Meat?

By February 23, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Donair – First Try

            We had a lot of suggestions to make Donair meat.  I’m not a huge fan, honestly because it’s usually greasy, served with a lot of onion, a really sweet sauce, and on a thick pita.  They were great when I was 20, on Pizza Corner in Halifax, but I grew out of them.

First Try at Locally made Donair Meat. All high-quality meat.

            But, at your suggestion we found a recipe, talked with some really knowledgeable people and got started.  Here is what the first-try looked like.  As mentioned in another post:  Looking for product testers.

We made a batch of about 10 lbs. Keep an eye on our page or give us a call to see how we are for inventory. In testing the first batch I can tell you it tastes great. The flavour of the meat itself is more subtle than I remember. I think that when I think of donair meat I immediately think of Donair Flavour which is heavy to onions and the sweet sauce that goes with it! I am refining the meat texture and I’m going to make the sauce before I put the product out there for feedback.

If it sells we will continue to make it, but I get the sense people want Donairs, rather than Donair-Meat. There are many places around that sell Donairs, so I’m sure we don’t want to compete in that market. Always interested in your feedback… Why would we need another place to get Donairs in Amherst?

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