Nowadays we’re getting increased traffic from people interested in having a weekly meal-plan.  Sometimes it is for themselves because they’re busily going about their day and they would like eating healthy to be easy.  Sometimes it is for their parent or parents, who struggle a little with nutrition and just need a little help.  That is what we’re here for.  Sometimes seniors need a little help too. We’re happy to help there too. 

We started off with our full-sized meal-combos ($12.50 taxes included) and now we’ve added another option with our smaller meal combos ($8.50 taxes included).  Customers can pick their top three meats and their favourite side-veg and we will work with them to come up with a plan that works.  We have been doing 3-large meal combos for $36/week and 3 small combos for $25/week.  Give us a call if this interests you.  We’ll work something out together.

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