Why the shut-down (Meal Prep is gone)? PART I

By October 18, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Why the shut-down (Meal Prep is gone)?  PART I

                  We are in a planned shut-down as we speak.  As one wise customer put it: ‘sometimes you see what works and what doesn’t.’  Well, isn’t that the truth?  That’s part one.  We have had a lot of products on our menu for two years that never got popular. 

We had to assess: 

  1. Is it a pain for our customers to ask what we have available whenever they want to order combos?  We feel it is.  People often come in and ask ‘what we have for combos’.  If we haven’t had any pre-orders, the answer is often ‘not much’, because we like to make things fresh and fill orders.  We feel customers ‘never know’ what’s going to be available.  For some people that’s okay.  For others, they want our food available when the arrive, and without pre-ordering.  They are annoyed, and stop coming here for quick and easy healthy food options.
  2. Does it work for us to always have ‘everything’ available?  Absolutely not.  There are many options available in the ‘meal-combo’ building sheet.  Things like asparagus, broccoli (when cooked right), string beans, grilled zucchini …etc – do not hold up well in a fridge when already cooked.  We do not want to produce mediocre food.  Conversely, some items that are in low demand don’t even last long in a fridge (uncooked).  Again, we refuse to sacrifice quality.
  • So, we are getting rid of the meal-prep component of what we were doing as it wasn’t that popular and it was a lot of work and food-waste.  Instead, we will offer five (high quality, but standardized) options in the grab and go, in smaller packaging, that is microwavable.  AND, we will prepare the meals in such a way that they will microwave well, and provide a microwave.
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