Merry Christmas.  We are so very grateful for all the support.  Sincerely, thank you for helping us keep our small business going.  Here are a few things we learned this Christmas:

  1. We need more bacon.  The Wednesday before Christmas we smoked 50 lb of bacon.  It was sold-out by Friday.  Now, that doesn’t sound like a big deal… make more.  But it’s not that simple.  Our bacon tastes complex, delicious, and flavourful BECAUSE it is Dry-cured for 10-days.  It doesn’t shrink in the pan BECAUSE it was Dry-cured for 10-days.  There is no compromise because we want to hold our standard to high-quality artisan bacon because you deserve it.  We can’t make it any faster.  We immediately put on more bacon.  It still takes 10-days.  Next year we will make double or triple (in the second week of December), so it’s ready for Christmas.
  2. We are easily capable of serving 100+ people.  We value the privacy of our customers and we will not share who contracted us for a 100 person catered Christmas Party or a 100 person Turkey Dinner delivered Christmas morning.  The staff and family worked like a well-oiled machine to put together 100 high-quality Turkey Dinners.  No secrets, we used advice from Jamie Oliver to make components of the meals one-at-a time.  We made the best Gravy I’ve ever had (Chicken stock made with wings!), Cranberry sauce that was worth talking about (Simple, 4 ingredients, cooked perfectly), juicy turkies (spatchcock), 50 lb of garlic-mashed potatoes and carrots at a time and a savoury stuffing that I think we learned a lot from.  I have not been a big ‘stuffing’ or ‘dressing’ fan in the past.  I am now, because I understand what’s in it, what makes it that texture, what the dominant flavours are… Now it’s time to play.  I still have no time for ‘seasoned’ mashed potatoes.  Just not my thing.
  3. Facebook is a highly controlled environment.  Just before Christmas we found out that Facebook controls when we see content from the people and/or groups we follow.  I am seeing posts December 29th (today) from a group I follow that were posted December 22nd!!!!  They (Facebook) decided that the sponsored ads in my feed were more important than the content from this group I follow.  I chose to follow that group.  I like to read the content.  They (Facebook) decided when I should see it.  Frustrated.  So many people use Facebook to ‘connect’ WITH OTHER PEOPLE or ideas they follow.  As I’ve indicated before.  I don’t need ten-thousand followers who don’t care.  I need people like us who seek to connect with the ideas and people like them.  For example in our case, Fine Food available locally, from small business, who are just trying to do a good job with meaning and intention.
  4. It’s Christmas presence.
  5. You are a gift.  To the people you allow into your company, you are a gift.  A gift is something that you really wanted or needed but would otherwise not have, if it weren’t for the person gifting it.  Your skills, knowledge, experience, TIME are gifts when you gift them to someone.  You are gifted when you have received the ‘gifts’ of others – skills, knowledge, experience, time, example …of another person.  Sharing ‘gifts’ is a rewarding endeavor to take what you have and give it away.  It is at least as rewarding as acquiring ‘gifts’.
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