No-Brainer Number Two, Covid-19 (Helping Maggies Place) April 7, 2020

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No-Brainer Number Two, Covid-19 April 7, 2020

A Customer of ours came in and as we talked they said they were ‘worried about some of the kids that they normally take care of at school.’  These are the kids that may be in families that struggle financially, and rely on school breakfast and lunch programs to get ‘something’ to eat.  Ugh!  The people that slip through the cracks!  ‘…and their kids’.  Or ‘and they are kids’.  You can pick the end of that sentence.

Some of our regular customers and people who were new to us (but receiving the Support meals to stay home) offered to pay for another person if that was a barrier for them.  Wow! Huge kindness.

We put the question out there (on a Facebook page) ‘how to target those in need’, and had the suggestion that Maggie’s Place could identify people who need some assistance.  We talked with the director of Maggie’s place, and she said she had 13 people who could really use some help.  No Brainer!  The complex part is how to ask regular citizens to help support someone else.  So, with a blunt approach of ‘no secrets’, we put the proposition to our Facebook followers and Subscribers.

Could you pay for another to eat healthy food for a week? WOW! In less than 24 Hours you responded, quickly and efficiently to help families in need that were identified through Maggie’s Place Cumberland.  13 people had hot, healthy lunch today FROM YOU, and they appreciate it greatly.

I temporarily forgot how many kids rely on school breakfast and lunch programs to get something to Eat.

The other part of that is their families can’t afford food, (like, at all) so think of the stress the parent is under…

IT IS SO Overwhelming and positive to see such kindness and generosity in our community.  We are so proud of you, and so proud to be a part of this.  It truly is a privilege to serve this community, and we thank you for pulling together.

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