No Romaine at the grocery store?

By November 15, 2020 Fresh Ideas

– Can I still make a Caesar?

We looked for romaine lettuce at the grocery stores in Amherst.  Nothing available.  We thought of the local growers.  No-one is growing indoor hydroponic lettuce.  We went to grocery chains in Moncton:  No Romaine.  This is a pretty serious indicator that we have a food security issue.  Not that romaine is important, but it shows us how dependant we are on outside sources.

I didn’t particularly want to have a Caesar Salad on the menu, to be honest.  I hadn’t had one in years.  Here was my discussion with Jonah:  

Jonah:  ‘You don’t have a Caesar on the menu?’

Me: ‘No’

Jonah: ‘Oh come on, why not?’ (With a smile)

Me:  ‘They’re nothing outstanding.  Flavourless lettuce, dry crunchy or even gummy croutons, ‘bacon’, parmesan cheese, and some ‘sauce’… blah.’   ‘Everyone has a ‘Caesar’, maybe people can get it elsewhere if that’s their thing?’ 

Jonah:  ‘Yes.  Understood.  But everyone loves a GOOD Caesar.  The others in town don’t have YOUR bacon, toasted naan croutons, fresh parm, fresh lemons, or MY SAUCE! (Big smile)

Me: ‘Fair.  Let’s try it’ 

Sure enough, people love it.  As Jonah said: ‘It’s the quality that makes it stand out’

But, if we can’t get romaine, is it a Caesar Salad?  We’ll do what we can (like adjusting to a different lettuce) but we’ll have to start addressing this romaine issue, among other things, if we want to have consistent access to the variety we like. 

caesar salad

I made a video of how you can make a delicious, healthy salad AND make it more exciting than a Caesar.  It’s right here. It’s by using our fresh Caesar salad to make your own salad however you like.  Our Fresh Caesar salad dressing includes eggs, oil, mustard, anchovy, Worcestershire sauce, and parmesan cheese.  That’s it.  And you can have it at home in your fridge.  We sell it now, to help you make your own salad dreams come true.

The Caesar Video

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