I have a bit of cool content I’ll be adding. It just takes me a little bit to learn these tools so bear with me. I found a way to make these videos and such ‘exclusive’ meaning they’re only available to subscribers.

This makes our front page very clearly about basic information. We love it that you’re interested enough to have a look at what goes into our brisket process.

Let’s try some videos: This first one is about what a Large Brisket Looks like straight out of the package. I had already taken one quick slice (of Fat) off the top but this is pretty much where I start.


Second video: I’ve already started to cut some serious fat pockets out of the Brisket. I describe the parts of the Brisket, and how to Trim them, conceptually. https://youtu.be/vyC3TqGfgCA

Third video: I show the large fat-pockets that are removed (about 30% of the starting weight!) to make every bite perfect and get the rub into the meat ALL OVER. I remove the fat at this stage. Some remove it during slicing after it’s cooked. https://youtu.be/e5fwEsnekmI

Fourth video: Brisket in the morning! 10 hours into a 16-hour journey. This is how your brisket looks after a night in the smoker. You can see the beautiful carmelized ‘bark’ has formed, but the muscle has not ‘relaxed’ yet. https://youtu.be/aoGPxyHeAjA

Fifth video: Final Brisket. The muscle has relaxed, we are up to temperature. We will take one and put it in the blast-chiller to sell cold- sliced, vacuum packed. The rest will go to the holding oven to rest, continue cooking, settle, absorb the active juices. https://youtu.be/5XK3YrXjqF0

Hope you enjoyed the videos. Thank you for watching. Please drop us your suggestions about processes you’d like to see.

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