Open-Faced Sammiches

            Liz and I have been thinking of ‘gaps’ in our current market.  Our ‘current market’ is the food we like to eat and what’s available near us.  We’ve noticed there are no ‘pita’ sandwiches, and no ‘open-faced’ sandwiches around Amherst.  In fact, there is no fresh pita or Naan.

            An open-faced sandwich is like a salad, with meat (like it should be) served on top of a lovely piece of bread.  You can either choose to pick it up, fold it in half, and eat it like a sandwich, or you can eat it like a salad and let the taste of the dressing on the bread be your final treat.  Our business is focussed on healthy foods and from its origin we’ve made efforts to get away from using bread as the delivery mechanism for the food.  But, it’s so convenient and our customers are used to having carbs.  We have to remind ourselves we’re not just cooking for ourselves.  That what the customer wants, they should get.  We accept that challenge.      

I’m sure you will absolutely love the first one we intend to introduce in the first couple weeks of February. It is inspired by Liz’s all-time favourite restaurant back in Thunder Bay, she orders it from a lovely little restaurant called The Growing Season every time she goes back to visit.

            Built on top of Naan Bread heaping with spring mix, sprouted lentils, fire roasted red peppers, sesame snaps and Liz’s home-made chipotle dressing. We are still trying to decide if we want to automatically put smoked chicken breast on it or leave that as optional. – We’re not sure what to call it.  Thoughts?

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