Our Precautions Regarding Coronavirus?

By March 14, 2020 Fresh Ideas

We will continue to operate and respond as we can.  Things seem to be ‘escalating’ quickly.  As we wrote just the other day, we wash our hands about 100 times a day, all of our cooking tools go through dish ‘sanitizer’ after being washed and rinsed.  We have ‘stepped up’ use of rubbing-alcohol or sanitizer for cleaning things like the Keyboard/ Mouse,, the Debit Machine, door-knobs, light-switches…etc.  Falling short of that, I don’t see any other precautions we can take.  If any of our staff begin to have symptoms, they will be sent out of the kitchen in order to protect our customers.  We will continue to operate in this way until we are told otherwise by government.

The government, as of yesterday, seems to be sending messages that every precaution must be taken to limit the spread of the virus including cancelling sporting-events, closing schools, canceling meetings, and imposing travel bans.  My parents are in Florida.  Since a travel-ban was imposed, their insurance will not cover them 9 days from now.  They’re on their way home.  Can you imagine the flock of snow-birds that this applies to?  Thousands of people are on their way back from Florida.  I must look that up:  …’Estimated population of snow-birds in Florida.’

A few ‘adjustments’ have been proposed for our business:  Since we are a take-out, we’ll continue to be diligent about cleaning common items such as Debit pads, door handles, fridge faces.  We may encourage people to use our delivery services if they are self-isolating or quarantined.  Some people are deathly scared of the financial-impacts of the panic and loss of work.  Ironically, as a result, (and we don’t have any other suggestion) they are holding onto their disposable income, which further devastates small business, and then we don’t have any revenue to spend, and the machine stops.

We will have to adjust our spending to reduce loss.  We will be freezing a lot of our regular production since it seems fewer people want to go out, at all.  I can see us moving toward frozen soups and meats.  We have yet to decide, but we’re not sure we will continue to stock the ‘Grab and Go fridge’ with fresh salads if we don’t have customers due to panic and/or financial reasons, or potentially, sickness.  Just for context, as far as we know, there is all this panic and economic loss and there’s no-one diagnosed in Amherst, yet.

We will continue to make our smoked meats on our regular rotation.  We will take orders for meal-planning and salads, we may need to ask for some flexibility in ingredients since we won’t be stocked with everything, all the time.  There is a lot of uncertainty for us, too at this time.  I think it’s safe to say we will be offering a reduced selection of items that freeze well in order to reduce loss and try to stay open.  Your patience is very much appreciated at this time as we try to figure out how to continue to operate without losing our shirt on food-waste.

On a lighter note (phew!): Apparently it’s a good time to start watching ‘other’ sports on Youtube. I watched a wicked Sumo Match this morning!  The bleachers were empty but the big guy threw the other big guy out of the ring after lots of slapping and bumping into each other!   Gord suggested we offer delivery with a free roll of toilet paper with each order.  I suggested we’ve all just found a use for our spare-sock piles (please don’t flush your spare socks!).  How do you tell a 17 year old not to kiss his girlfriend when she gets back from Cuba?  How will we stop little, little kids from licking the bus windows?  We won’t!  This is going to play out however it’s going to.  We can use caution where possible but there are some things that we cannot control.  Take a deep breath, go for a walk in the woods, love the people you love, be there for your neighbour.  Support small business where you can.

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