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By October 1, 2020 Fresh Ideas

As most of you know, we don’t have an indoor seating area.  In our understanding, many people like the convenience of food made for them and enjoy the restaurant-quality treats, but prefer to eat at home or at the office.  We have been using 28-38 Oz plastic reusable containers for some time.  They are durable and they cost about $0.75 each.  We encourage people to reuse them, or recycle them, but we cannot reuse them here.

We have been making Large Meals (14 Oz of food) that are ‘supper-sized’ and selling them cold (tax included) for $12.50.  What if we were to make the meals smaller, drop the price, and make them easier to microwave?  We think these meals will be more convenient, easy to microwave, and we’re looking into a microwave for our customer service area.

The new packaging, ‘so far’ looks like it’s going to be compostable, with a cellophane (heat-sealed) lid.  In providing meals for senior citizens, we learned that most people resort to using a microwave for ease of use.  In many cases the result is food that is over-cooked and dry due to the microwave process.  If we add a sauce and include instructions, we believe we can provide high-quality ‘microwavable’ food and a microwave.  Some of the premade food options are listed in a previous article.

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