Our Company Values

We believe healthy food options are important to families.

Healthy food served at home can and should be affordable and available. We create healthy options for people who need to order-in to save time, but also want to serve healthy food to their family. We strive to help with this by mass cooking for several families at the same time, and then helping to get it served in their home.

A Little Of Our Story

People's lives are busy.

And food (food quality, in particular) is a part of our daily routine that sometimes gets rushed by life. We know (from experience) that grocery store ‘easy to prepare’ food, or going through a drive-through sometimes helps to save time at the expense of quality ingredients, flavour, and health. Now there is another option… US!

See Our Menu

We can help with that.

We decided to open our small business to help out with ‘the dinner rush’.  We’ve experienced it ourselves (get off work, get home, cook, take kids to sports, get them home, pick up groceries, get the kids to bed, dishes, shower, bed!)  Wash, rinse, repeat!  Sometimes we’ve been at work and thought ‘Ugh, I didn’t take anything out of the freezer for supper (and then picture the grocery store line up, late start cooking…etc) , dreading the ‘nuke from frozen’, rush out the door that follows. 

In a ‘nutshell’:

At D&E’s Smoked Meats, Kitchen, and Catering Service we use healthy local ingredients to make restaurant-quality food, that you eat in the comfort of your  home, bring to someone else’s house, bring to the office, take to a potluck, take for a pic-nic, or go camping with.  You can select from our ‘grab and go’ cooler if you’re last minute, or you can order meals for the next day.  We prepare foods in batches and cook in our commercial kitchen.  

We smoke individual products by days of the week.  See our schedule to order the meal of your dreams the day before.  (Pork Monday, Beef Tuesday, Chicken Wednesday, Sausage Thursday, Ribs Friday).  We need to plan and prepare your foods each day, so ordering at least a day in advance is necessary, or we can’t promise you we’ll have fresh smoked product for you.

How Can we help?

Anyone can order what we’re smoking for the next day (e.g. Chicken-Wednesday), and we will hold it for you warm or vacuum-packed refrigerated.  We will even freeze it for you if you want to take it camping or away on a trip.  We provide excellent packaging and reheat instructions with each cold-product sale.  We just need to arrange pick-up or delivery for your orders.  It’s easy – enter your information into the ORDER Form, and we will send you a confirmation email or give you a call back to confirm your order and payment.   

Our goal:

To provide fresh, pre-cooked foods for you and your family.   People are very busy these days and we believe this convenient service saves time in food preparation and dish-washing.  We do the cooking and cleaning, you enjoy your meal at-home, with your family, getting gourmet food at grocery store prices as opposed to restaurant prices.  All our foods are cooked to health-code specifications for safety in our commercial kitchen, for your convenience and delivered to you on your schedule, at your convenience (we are currently working to arrange deliver…this option is difficult in Amherst at the moment due to a lack of delivery companies. We appreciate your understanding).