Peace. Leading the Kids

By March 19, 2020 Fresh Ideas

…’And it’s a great opportunity to teach the kids how to learn. What do we do when we have ‘free time’?

We follow our dreams, and they will see that.

They are watching us for comfort and guidance.

It’s a Great time for the kids to learn how to make bread.

I was driving to deliver a food order yesterday and I saw: Less cars, more people walking, kids playing outside, adults working with kids on the spring yard clean-up… Good vibes when we look away from the reporting.  It’s a great time to write! All the stuff that goes through our heads (when we should be sleeping) are all book-chapters. It’s a great time for people to find your podcast, check their email, follow the things they’d like to ‘if they had time’.

Well played, world. Time to connect.

Made a video for my Friend’s son. He wanted to come up over March Break to do a ‘placement’ in the kitchen.

Maybe learn how to record and upload videos to youtube? Help look-up the thing that interests them? They don’t understand that the internet can be the most-powerful knowledge tool in human history. The world is at their fingertips. In the video I encourage Isaac to look up Jamie Oliver’s food revolution, ‘Knife-skills’, …etc because it teaches regular joes like me to just try. Ask for guidance, follow-it, and work hard. Wouldn’t that be nice to show as an example?

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