We continue to conduct ‘Market Research’ so that we can learn what customers like, ‘how is another company doing [something] that our customers might appreciate?’.  Maybe we’ll use some of those ideas, maybe not.  We have to continue to grow and learn so that we can honestly claim to ‘do the best that we can’ for you.  Ultimately, we just want to make the world a better place.  That’s all J. We are doing our part from Amherst, Nova Scotia.

            You love fresh, healthy innovative food and so do we.  If you don’t live near Amherst, we still want to support your decision to eat healthy tasty food.  In doing some market research this week I found a couple places that may help satiate our customers in Halifax/Dartmouth (NS) and Saint John (NB) in between visits.  We have not eaten at these places but really like some of what they’re doing:

Saute Halifax: (https://shop.trysaute.com)

            These folks do fresh healthy foods near Agricola in Halifax.  They are not vegan.  They have menus for fresh, frozen, or catering.  Their dishes look a lot like ours (I think), and their packaging certainly does.  They seem to be focussed on young/active professionals, people who work out maybe?  One cool thing is their ‘bundles’.  I like the way they organized their e-commerce ‘selection process’ for customers (not so much the goal-related part but the ‘3-day/ 5-day’ concept).  If you’re in the area and you need something healthy to eat, they look like a solid option.  I will be going there sometime soon.

Honest Kitchen Halifax: (http://honestkitchenhalifax.ca/about-honest-kitchen/#about)

A very principled vegan meal service.  Give their ‘About-Page’ a read.  They hit all the feels for me.  They are trying to do the best they can for their customer in an honest and transparent way, like we are.  Their food looks spectacular.  Similar packaging to us.  I believe they have a selection of meal combos, salads, sides ready (in the fridge) at all times, but don’t hold me to it.  I can’t find their address on the site but I believe they are in Dartmouth.  Great food pics on Facebook and Instagram.  I will be going to find them the next time I’m in the area.

Nela’s Kitchen Rothsay: (https://nelaskitchen.com/)

This is their quote: …’You’re hungry and busy; we’re here to help. We make a tasty new meal every day and it’s always something different. Our meals are prepackaged and ready to go. Grab one from our fridge or at another great shop in your area. You, our staff, the community and our environment are important to us and we consider these things with each new creation.’  Sound Familiar? J

A completely independent kitchen rockin-out the good food.  Check out their gallery: (https://nelaskitchen.com/media-gallery)  They supply most of the Simply For Life Franchises in Southern New Brunswick and lots of other healthy food stores.  We like those partnerships as we had with Simply For Life in Amherst.  It’s about making it convenient for people to eat healthy, locally produced food.  We will be making our food available at other locations through-out the winter.

            Why do we tell you about other places?  It’s not a competition.  We promote the idea of people eating Simple.Honest.Delicious.Food.  You are our customer if you’re reading this.  We are here to support you.  When you’re near us, we’re pretty sure you’ll come in if you aren’t cooking at home.  If you’re not near us we still support you and your decision to treat your body a little better.  Drop us a note if you have another suggestion.

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