Product Testers Needed!

By February 23, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Product Testers Needed

We asked for suggestions for items that you wish we made.  150 responses!  Thank you.  The top three are Tacos, Burrito Bowls, and Donair meat.

We have not chosen a winner yet, but those are certainly three competitive, great options.  We want this to be stuff that you help develop, because you love it, and it’s sincerely yours. We want it to be ‘the one and only’, or the thing that you want to serve people when they come to visit, because it’s yours. It will be the quality you want with mind-blowing flavour. We want to make life better by making better stuff for the people who care. That’s you!

I think I wrote in another article to tell you that we had suggestions of everything from Deep-Fried stuff to Pizza.  We don’t have a deep fryer and we don’t anticipate getting one anytime soon, but thank you for your suggestion.  There are so many pizza-places in Amherst and Area that we don’t want to be a part of that market.  Though we think pizza made with our meat products would be amazing, we’ll leave that to the experts.  Paizano’s Pizza in Springhill has expressed interest in trying a pizza with our meats and we’re thankful for that.  We also believe they sell the highest quality Pizza in Cumberland county and would be proud to partner with them.

Wild Blueberry Barbeque Sauce with Back Ribs. More on that story soon.

So, we’re going to need product testers to see if we got it ‘right’.  We aim to please, and you’re the consumer, so we want it to hit all the right points for you…  As we do ‘product development’ we’ll be in touch to see if you’re interested in being a tester. Send us a note (by email) to let us know you want to be involved.

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