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By November 2, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Quality over Commodity

            Since we’ve opened our kitchen, we have been focussed on quality.  There is no sense in trying to compete on ‘commodity’.  High-volume, low-quality is how big-box fast-food places attract customers.  They convince us with a high advertising budget that they are convenient, a good value, and healthy. We might be ‘full’ when we’re done eating, but there are no nutrients in the food.

Most burger places were just burger places, with burgers, fries, milkshakes, and coffee.  And we went there every couple months, as kids.  It was a treat.   Coffee places were just coffee places.  They sold coffee, tea, donuts, and some other sweets, but not much more.  Grocery stores were grocery stores.  They sold groceries, and they would even deliver them to your car. 

Now, each of those businesses have ‘diversified’ in order to be the one-stop shop, and they try to convince us they are doing this to be ‘convenient’ for us.  In the eighties the world changed (I think mostly through television) when people became convinced their life was incomplete without getting that thing/ living that lifestyle like they see on television.  Television was telling us that fast food was ‘better’.  That stopping in for breakfast or lunch or supper a few times a week meant you were privileged.

In order to keep prices down; as each diversified to be the one-stop shop, they sacrificed food quality and service.  In big-box stores it is almost impossible to get help from an associate, for example.  The size, quality, and nutritional value of our food (through fast food places) has been sacrificed, and they still charge ‘convenience prices’.

We can’t compete with their advertising budget, expensive locations, buildings or staff volumes.  OUR Goal is to compete on quality.  We will use the best ingredients we can and make recipes that use simple ingredients that you can pronounce.  We want to be known for making THE BEST products, with THE BEST Customer Service, and our business CATERED to YOU.  We will proudly specialize in THAT. 

We provide the best food we can, at the best prices we can for top-notch ingredients. We pay our staff well, and treat them with respect. We pay our bills as fast as we can and hire local contractors. Right now, we don’t take a wage. Everything goes back into the business. It is a privilege to serve THE BEST food in town to THE BEST CUSTOMERS, who support us and let us do our Art, that we take so much pleasure in. It’s a strange ‘cycle’: If we make things better for you, you continue to support us, we can continue to make better things for you.

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