Repeat Customers

By February 15, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Repeat Customers

            We’re doing really well with repeat customers.  People that have tried our foods are coming back and we love it.  We’re getting feedback and using it to develop our business to be what you want it to be.  This includes catered meals, Meal-Prep-Service, and regular weekly service Monday-Saturday.

            People who have tried our food tell others and/or suggest (when they have an office function) ‘Hey’ D&E’s does Catering. You’ll love it.  Care to give them a try?’ And when they eventually do, they love it.  Many people who try our foods at Catered Events come into the shop within days in order to pick-up some food that was served at their event.  This has happened with everything from small sweets to Mac ‘n Cheese to Fancy Bacon-Wrapped Beef Tenderloin.  We serve the same food during the week as do to our catering clients.  And now we’re getting a lot of return customers to cater seasonal events.  Thank you for trying us out and continuing to support us.

            Our Meal-Prep-Service is spreading.   Word is travelling fast, thanks to you, and the convenience of the service.  This option seems to appeal to people interested in Simple. Honest. Delicious. Food (of course) but from a diversity of backgrounds.  Ordering 3-meals at a time, sometimes 6 (for a couple) and having your work-shift lunches ready is simple and convenient.  Catered events really help this.   We believe this occurs because a group of people try the food together, usually reinforcing a desire to eat better quality food.  Individuals  then follow-up with a visit to our kitchen to feed the family the same type of food they tried at work.

            Through your groups (Offices, Sports Teams, Committees, Home-Parties) we are helping you change food culture here, in Cumberland County.  We are proud to be a part of it, but it’s you who are making the decisions to eat better, expect quality food, and then bring some home to your family or tell a friend.  Thank you.

There also seems to be a solid consistent movement toward trying something other than pizza, sandwiches, and ‘Off-The-Shelf’ pre-made soups.  That’s awesome!  Proof that you expect more!  Using a work-event to test our products is a great idea because you know you’ll be well-fed and, generally, you’ve already paid for it, meaning the event was going to be catered anyway, so why not try something new.

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