Why the Shut-Down (Salads)? Part I

By October 18, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Why the shut-down (Salads)? (PART I)

                  In case you didn’t read part one: We are in a planned shut-down as we speak.  As one wise customer put it: ‘sometimes you see what works and what doesn’t.’  Well, isn’t that the truth?  That’s part one.  We have had a lot of products on our menu for two years that never got popular. 


                  The beet slaw and corn salads never got popular.  Both have a shelf-life of a couple days before the quality is compromised.   If we made batches of those without having an event that consumed most of the product and put it in the fridge, two days later we threw out 95% of what went in the fridge.  They’re gone, except for when we have catered events.

                  We are keeping the Caesar salad and the Seasonal (Summer Dream and Magic) Salads available in the fridge.  We’ll be providing forks and napkins, and hopefully we’ll be able to have a smaller packaging option (so the price is lower and it isn’t a two-person salad).

  • So, we are getting rid of the side-salad (Slaw and Corn Salad) components of the menu.  Instead, as many customers have requested, we will start selling our salad dressings.  That’s right, we’re going to start selling the dressings.  One of the main changes we’re making is to commercialize some of our products.  For example, what if you could get our ‘summer-dream’ dressing at grocery stores?  Watch how this develops. J
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