Sampler Boxes?

By September 24, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Sampler Boxes – Would you buy it once a month?

            We’re trying to make it easy for you to make premium meals and free-up your time.

Lots of people buy our products once per month.  Many are once-per week customers.  Some people are ‘several times per week’ customers.  It’s a matter of our products being easy ‘Go-To’ quality healthy food that saves you time but does not sacrifice quality. 

Our fully-cooked vacuum-packed products last two-weeks before they should be consumed, with no preservatives.  Would it make things easy for you to have a box put together for you with ‘one of everything’ once per month?

Our example is a ‘Family Box’ – $100 (Taxes included)

One Pound of Bacon (in two ½ lb packages)

Two Pounds of Pork Tenderloin,

Four Chicken Breasts,

One Pound of Brisket (1/2 lb packages),

One Pound of Sausage (of your choice),

Two packages of Pulled Pork

            The items in the box are all good for two-weeks (at least) vacuum-packed.  Everything can be left in the fridge or frozen.  We picture the box arriving and unpacked, (let’s say a Monday)… Meal-maker decides …‘let’s have the four Chicken Breasts tonight, Bacon on the weekends, Pulled Pork Sandwiches Wednesday, I’m going to use the Smoked Pork Tenderloin in a pasta Friday (and we’ll have leftovers and sandwich meat for the weekend).  Next week we’ll have the sausages Monday, and the Brisket Wednesday’.  That’s six meals for four, plus bacon!  It’s a matter of cooking your normal meals but with pre-cooked professional-level meats in the meals, supplied by D&E’s Premium Smoked Meats. 

We’re trying to make it easy for you to make premium meals and free-up your time.  We will include recipes.  Thoughts?

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