Slow Days – Should we just close?

By September 24, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Just joking.  Everybody has slow-days.  Resilience is being okay with the slow days.  We have a lot of things we can do with slow days including deep-cleaning, cooking in bulk (such as giant batches of brisket soup or BBQ sauce), Testing new recipes, pursuing commercialization of our sauces/rubs, writing CONTENT for our subscribers (that we own, not Facebook), working on our hydroponic gardens, researching better packaging, making signs, advancing an advertising initiative, doing mechanical maintenance, running for specialized groceries, ordering supplies, invoicing… It’s no trouble to stay ‘busy’.

            That said, here are the major influencing factors of a slow-day:  a week before ‘cheque day’, and it rains (or is cold), and there is a pandemic, and Bankok Food Truck is in town, and Facebook is down (or Donald Trump has done something stupid), and school has just started, and a lot of people are out of work, or paranoid to go out…  That’s the kindof day where a restaurant owner earns a stripe.  That’s a ‘bad’ day around here.

            We tend to use those days as an opportunity to switch gears and test-out something new.  Today, for example, we ‘had to’ make Pepper Jelly.  You’ll love it!  We took the time to write out some goals for how we want to help you.  We kept our costs down and our research hats on.  That’s how we grow when it’s a hard day.      

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