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By November 8, 2020 Fresh Ideas

What are we doing to stay afloat?

            We’re going to have to adapt.  We’ve noticed an alarming number of our customers did not come back (to us, at least) after the summer.  October sales were down 78%. We had to take a hard look within to see where the problem was.  Perhaps it was the ‘complication’ of planning the meal-combos you wanted?  Perhaps it was that we ‘ran-out’ of items and/or asked for people to pre-order so we’d know how much to cook?  Whatever it was, it doesn’t appear that it was working for YOU, and that is the goal.

            In order to adapt, we’ve removed the ‘clutter’ in our business model.  There’s no more fussing around with making custom meal combos.  We commit to reliability, as I wrote about last week.  We started by having (or certainly trying to have) 5 awesome ‘Meal Combo’ options in the fridge at all times.  We are also ‘stocking’ the fridge with all of our meat options at all times.  We’ve committed to trying to sell our products at other locations, and that process is underway.  We’ve also committed to a year-round Farmers’ Market in New Glasgow in order to spread the word and the product to new markets.  This is all underway, quietly, in the background, to generate enough revenue to continue to operate.

Specifically, in the local population, we’ve noticed that teachers and health-care workers are not coming to us as they have in the past.  A side note:  this affects many other busy professionals, but a large concentration we’ve noticed are in this group.  To address this, we’re reaching out to them to say ‘We see you (stressed the heck out and staying home)’.  We’ve come up with options that will work better for you. 

The ‘ready to go’ meals are fast and inexpensive.  They can help with a quick meal before the kids go to hockey, or they can be your lunch the next day.  They are ready-made for microwaving.  You’ll see what we mean if you look at the flyer (attached).  Meat ‘boxes’ (say ‘a pound of each item) with some suggested ways to help manage your food scheduling are one way to do it.  The customer doesn’t have to come to us.  They can order online, save the order, and then renew if they like.  We will deliver the meat box free of charge when it works for them, so that we can have the privilege of being a part of their meal-planning.  You do not have to be a teacher or a healthcare worker to do this.  That’s just an example.  Please tell your friends.  It’s set-up on the website now.

            Community support such as forwarding this email to your friends, coming out for a meal, planning to go to one local restaurant per week and leaving a review (I don’t even care if it’s us!), taking action instead of ‘liking’ a concept (whatever it is)…  Those are all generous acts.  They improve our local culture and improve our local economy.  Isn’t that what this is really about?  

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