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You! If you’ve read this far, you care. Hopefully you can see that we care. We want to engage with the customers who care enough and are willing to tell us what they need, suggest how we do it, and become a part of developing this great business. Many people don’t read much in social media. It’s just the noise in our lives. Great food is not noise. It’s a conversation about what makes your life easier and potentially healthier, with great food. If this appeals to you, YOU are the intended user group. We can improve our business (making better products for you) faster with a small group of engaged users. Subscribe Button


We have a great ‘social media’ presence, but; that essentially means we are in your feed, sometime 5 times a day. So are ‘sponsored ads’, what your friends ‘liked’…etc. In some ways we feel as though we’re ‘yelling at you’. What we’d like to do is use Facebook and Instagram for beautiful pictures and daily ‘reminders’, but create meaningful discussions here, in the community. Subscribe Button


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This will be a separate section of our page where you can sign in, read articles, get recipes, give feedback, find coupons, attend special events…etc.
A link will be sent to you once or twice a week with discussion topics. For example:

  • Are we doing anything special for Christmas?
  • Is there only one recipe for Bacon available?
  • Why is that? Are you doing any others anytime soon?
  • Honey-Garlic Sausage: How about making some? When is it coming?
  • Bottled Salad Dressings and BBQ Sauces: When are they available?
  • Would you do some sausage coils again?
  • Kid meals: What happened?
  • Corn Salad/Beet Slaw: How do we do that?
  • When or how can we have it available?
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