NEW PARTNERS! Jan11, 2020

Remember how much fun it was to go cruising down a back road with a bunch of friends or family?  I remember stopping at small brooks, waterfalls, big slopes, vistas, ‘roadside pit-stops’, seeing wildlife, learning about animal tracks, learning about history, abandoned buildings, camps…etc.  Hey, guess what?  We’re adults now. … We are partnering with Amherst Toyota and The Adventure Therapy Project to bring you:

‘Backroad Adventures’!

D&E’s Smoked Meats would like to promote an outgoing adventurous lifestyle that includes family values and time spent adventuring which, we feel, matches with Toyota-Canada Company values as well as the mission of The Adventure Therapy Project.  We’re going to bring the food, the fun, and the love. 

With that in mind we are starting an initiative where we combine our truck, our food-business and a sense of adventure to do some Backroad Adventures with Amherst Toyota.  We will be leading events where we take our truck for a ride on the back-roads (gravel), go check out some cool scenery, maybe add in a short adventure, cook some food with ‘friends’, maybe make some videos, and take lots of pictures of our healthy/active community members.  They will be posted on our website.

Our first event will be with The Adventure Therapy Project (you can find them on Facebook) who takes kids and/or adults on outdoor adventures, feeds them a meal, and then takes them home (safe and tired).  We are very supportive of The Adventure Therapy project because they encourage kids and adults to build adventures in the outdoors, away from screens, with other people.

D&E’s Smoked Meats provides the community with pre-cooked meats and fully-prepared vegetables for nutritious adventures.  Our vacuum-packaging is ideal for bringing safe and easy to prep food on a backroad adventure.  We will cook for you, for free, on this adventure.  The menu is still not decided, but we promise it will be amazing.

Please let us know if you are interested or if you have any suggestions. We look forward to being a part of growing a ‘backroads adventure’ culture with The Adventure Therapy Project and Amherst Toyota

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