I’ve talked with a lot of busy parents since we opened.  Sometimes we are a substitute for fast food and we really appreciate that.  One of our goals was to be able to provide a healthy option instead of the easiest.  We’ve been able to provide a healthy alternative at the same price since we opened.  But aren’t those buns, the packaging, the process just so easy for a ‘fast-food place’?  Doesn’t the drive-through seem like a great option? 

Well in our experience, absolutely.  There are some times when they seem like a great option.  I am guilty of going through the drive-through for coffee when I don’t remember to make one before I leave, or maybe they have some ingredients I don’t keep at home (Sugar-Free Vanilla Flavouring, for example).  All of the major-chains support different sports too.  That’s a factor.  We know.  Sometimes it just seems like they’re sooo convenient and that’s what they’re counting on. 

Our recent experience is that ‘burger-joint’ fast food places know that their burgers aren’t for everyone, so now they have six or eight types, usually with a new one each month or season (a ‘huge’ selection).  Then, they have all day ‘breakfast’?, a few healthier salads, some wraps, a selection of deserts, soup, milkshakes, coffee, a multitude of pop, juice, waters…etc.  In fact, they have a huge selection. 

Coffee and donut place used to have coffee, and donuts.  And then there were cakes, and then muffins, and cookies, and biscuits, and then soup, and subs, egg stuff, and then a few different types of breads for the sandwiches, and panini’s, and wraps, and some deep-fried crap for the wraps…etc.  In fact, they have a huge selection.

Let’s get back to how convenient they are.  It seems they have something for everyone and that’s why they have such a diverse menu.  But, in having such a diversity it makes the ordering process a lot longer because, let’s face it, decisions have to be made.  Compound that with a drive-through.  The range of selections makes the decision-making process ruin the perceived convenience.  Have you ever waited in a drive-through line for 20 minutes?  How convenient was it?

If you order in advance we can have an exact meal-combo ready for you that WILL be healthy and delicious.  If you don’t have a chance to order in advance, that’s okay!  We have pre-made meal-combos and salads ready to go for about the same price as fast-food but without sacrificing quality or nutrition.  For kiddo foods we have wraps already made, pulled-pork, beans…etc.  We had kid-combos for a while, they didn’t sell. 

Making the decision to forego the drive-through makes sense for a lot of reasons:  The food has a tonne of flavour and you won’t feel sick afterward.  You’ll get to meet us and try something new.  You’ll show (not tell) your kids the importance of decision making.  They’ll know the difference between real and fast-food (and why that’s important).  It’s at least as convenient as a 20 minute drive-through line at the worst of times.  It helps your local economy.  You may be introduced to something new yourself.  And it is no more expensive than fast-food.

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