Definition:  …”When the person in the tractor clearing your neighbour’s driveway does a quick pass or two at the end of your driveway to remove the snow-plow bump or just gets you closer to getting out”.

We’re doing Snow Removal with our new tractor.  When we complete one driveway for a customer, we’ll often do a ‘courtesy swipe’ of a couple nearby driveways.  I always wished the tractor-people would do that.   

We wouldn’t have a new tractor if it wasn’t for engaged customers like you.  We’re under no illusion about getting rich doing snow removal.  We don’t charge a lot.  We’d like to use snow removal to help pay for the tractor which also helps us grow food, for you.  Isn’t that a sweet little circle.  Hopefully it will also help us get through the lean months in Winter.

            What we want to offer to you (our subscribers) is the opportunity to nominate people (by address) to get a ‘courtesy swipe’.  I haven’t done the homework to enter all your addresses into google earth yet, but hopefully soon.  As a subscriber, we’d love to be able to just ‘remove the bump’ for you, if we’re driving by and you don’t have someone else doing the snow-removal for you.  We’d like to extend the offer that you can comment below with a name and address, so we can enter it in our snow-removal map, and give the person a courtesy swipe as we’re going by.  We will not notify the person, we will not tell them you nominated them, and if we can, we’ll go away without them knowing it was us.

            I challenge ALL the snow-removal companies to do the same.

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