We’ve been accused of using ‘filters’ to improve how our food looks.  Our pictures show brightly coloured foods, well lit in natural light.  It’s hard for a non-photographer to describe this, but the food in the pictures looks as we see it here.  We make the food.  It turns out beautiful without needing to be enhanced or staged in any way.

            We have a couple windows in the kitchen.  One lets the ‘early-day’ light in and the other lets ‘late-day’ light in.  Our ‘secret’ is to take the food to the natural light and take the photo using natural light.  That shows you what it looks like to us.  If we take a photo using fluorescent light, the blue tones (normal) of fluorescence dominate the image and make the food look dull.  We’ve shown this on our Facebook feed on multiple occasions.

            If you’re taking a photo of food, take it to a window and set it in the sunlight.  Turn so that the sun is at your back to take the picture.  Look at what the photo will show. Remove the items in the picture that don’t need to be there (the screw-driver on the counter), and take the picture.  We use a cell-phone. 

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