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By November 22, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Yes we have it, if it’s on the menu. If not, shortly.

            A significant change in our menu (when we closed in October) led to stability in our offerings.  We had the sense that customers were frustrated with asking us IF we had a specific item in our fridge.  The decision was made to continually stock all items on the smaller menu and we have been successful thus far. 🙂

            We do ask that if a customer is coming in to ‘stock-up’, we would appreciate a little notice, if possible, so that we can continuously stock items or start making larger batches. We thank you so much for your patience.  Please reassure your friends that the new menu is stocked with healthy, convenient, locally-made food.  Menu is right Here.  Thank you.

Side Note: I will upload a menu with proper graphic design once I talk to the webmaster. This one has the right information but the presentation is lacking. Thank you for your patience.        

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