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By February 19, 2020 Fresh Ideas

We put up a contest (on Facebook, because we have 2800 Followers who might tell us what they like) in which we ask people to complete this sentence:

I wish D&E’s Premium Smoked Meats made ____________________________.

So Far, in the lead we have Burrito Bowls, Tacos, and Donair Meat.

We’ve had a lot of great suggestions and we’re learning a lot from the people on Facebook. That said, it’s a great example of ‘Facebook Followers’.

…’You could win a meal for 4 if we chose your item and select your name’

2800 Followers, 150 or so responses (so far). I bet it will top-out today at under 200 comments. People seem to want to see ‘what’s going on?’ but don’t want to participate. OR – They don’t actually see our stuff because Facebook Throttles the Feed.

So, The inside track for our subscribers. We don’t have a deep fryer and we don’t anticipate having one. That’s not our thing.

Sugar is not our friend, so It’s unlikely we’re going to start making chocolate-dipped anything.

Jerky is very expensive to make and although someone must be paying $7.50/100g (That’s $34/lb) at convenience stores (or they would stop carying it), we can’t imagine someone paying $34/lb for anything here. Lots of people scoff (in a ‘your prices are too high’ way) when we tell them cooked Beef Tenderloin is $25/lb.

If you submit your suggestions through email, we will enter you into the contest.

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